That one-page synopsis…

No spoilers! Ahh, but that’s the hard part.

Twin Souls is a blend of YA fantasy and sci-fi elements which should be familiar to readers of those genres. Alex, my precocious teenage protagonist, is struck by a sudden attraction to a new guy at school – Aaron. He’s confused by his feelings, as they’re getting mixed up with whomever he shares close proximity. Alex is a psychic; he doesn’t know it yet, but being able to sense other people’s feelings is just the beginning of his abilities.

Alex’s best friend, Jan, supports him through Aaron’s tragic disappearance. It’s up to them to figure out who took him, and why. The police can’t be trusted, a mysterious stalker and a free-energy device of Alex’s own design are all embroiled in the conundrum. Just when they’re starting to get some answers, Alex makes contact with a hyperdimensional life form named Spark, who informs him everything is much more complicated.

Spark is a Light Ethry, also called Watchers or Guardians. Their job is to passively observe or occasionally support mortals as they achieve their karmic destinies. They’re opposed by the Dark Ethry, demonic intelligences that have fallen and become hungry for mortal lives, their emotions and their souls.

Spark introduces Alex to the idea that he has a twin soul. In this case, Alex’s twin soul is a dragon named Shift who resides on Dra’kar, a parallel world. Shift has the unique ability to hop between dimensions, and on his world it’s prophesied that bringing a human to Dra’kar is the only way they can upend the rule of Raxis, the tyrannical Matriarch. To this end, we follow Shift as he’s pursued by Raxis’ minions, befriends Puck, a goofy-yet-loveable Dryad, and finds himself a mentor that can teach him how to make the shift between dimensions.

What happened to Aaron and can Alex save him? What do the Dark Ethry have planned for Earth and how does it relate to what happened on Dra’kar? Will Alex & Shift be able to master their abilities and discover how they must use them in order to protect their loved ones and save both their worlds from utter domination? Am I a halfway decent writer able to enthrall my readers with loveable characters and an intriguing plot? Find out this and more in The Adventures of Alex, Shift & Spark: Twin Souls.