A writing contest? Really?

I entered into this contest over at inkitt.com…. I’m not exactly okay with this idea, but, if you want to read it you can head on over there and start reading. Also – please vote for me, you may have to make an account, but it’s super easy and you can do it with facebook/twitter or just an email address. Every vote counts, and if I can get in the top 10% that would be amazing. Right now, that means roughly 100 votes or more and I know I have enough friends to pull that off.

That’s more or less where the moral quandary comes in. What we’re looking at here is a popularity contest. I guess for a publishing deal, that makes sense, because if you already have a built up reader base, then voila, people will want to buy your book. The lead guy has almost 800 votes at present, which is great for him, he’s way in the lead, but I’d love to give him a run for his money (and that publishing deal).

I’ll be updating it with more chapters soon, and please, if you have any criticism at all write up a review. The book is finished, but I’m still polishing the text, making tweaks to the characters, so if your bit of criticism is apt I’ll use it.

Thanks guys, please remember to vote!


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