Rachel Maddow is a liar, propagandist, and tool of the Deep State


Rachel Maddow has become somewhat of a neoliberal icon. She specializes in short diatribes of digestible information partnered with a narrative which paints a picture in the minds of her viewers. The problem with Maddow is that the pictures she’s been painting recently are Deep State propaganda.

Take a look at her show from 3/7/17 – Big News Day she says, zero mention of Vault7/Year 0 wikileaks releases which basically vindicated everything conspiracy theorists and privacy advocates have been warning about for nearly a decade.

What does she talk about instead? Bad news for the republicans! Their health plan sucks. This is non-news, everyone was well-aware that their healthcare plan going to be terrible. Anything short of universal, free healthcare is just another layer of bureaucracy.

“Flabbergasting news that makes no sense whatsoever about what this administration is doing about immigrants. This appears to be a giant screw up on the administration’s part that nobody can explain.” That’s vague as all hell, might as well not even say it at all, except if you want to make Trump look bad. Hint: she does.

Some good news about journalists doing their job, despite how difficult is it for the free press… maybe that’s Vault 7?

Then she goes into a monologue about an embassy. She’s careful not to jump on the fact that it’s Russian before elaborating on how big it is. Why does she do that? Well, it’s an attempt to give you the impression that the Russians are some super-huge network of evil conspirators (like the CIA and our mainstream media, projecting much Rachel?) 

Gasp! A new guy was installed as the economics head there, and she immediately launches into conspiracy theory territory about why the old one was replaced. Let’s be clear, this is a classic conspiracy theory, the very same type of theory I get lambasted for every time I suggest 9-11 was an inside job. Key difference, there’s evidence 9-11 was an inside job, there’s no evidence Russia had a hand in our election results, but I digress.

Then she references the sketchy Russian dossier which has been discredited as an MI6/CIA psyop originally funded by disgruntled republicans who wanted to end Trump’s bid for the presidency.

Maddow and her Deep State compatriots are attempting to bring it back to the table by hammering on details that hardly matter. This is the key point, Maddow is resurrecting the Russian Dossier, she’s on the attack. This is a strategic move to put Trump back on the defensive after his revelation that Obama ordered wiretaps. True or not, we haven’t seen any evidence for that either, but Obama did have the means and he had the motive. Heck, even the NYT referenced Trump wiretaps so it’s quite likely they did occur.

Let’s say Maddow’s train of thought is accurate. This guy was responsible for doling out money to ‘Russian hackers’ running the ‘bots’ that drove up news favorable to Trump and toxic for Hillary. I just rolled my eyes there. We didn’t need bots or hackers to do that, Hillary’s toxicity was plain as day. She was infested with scandal. Plagued by controversy and her hawkish stance on Iran and Syria made her very dangerous to global stability. Even IF it’s true – so what? It doesn’t invalidate our election results in the slightest.

Speaking of Hillary, take a guess how many foreign dignitaries and governments contributed to getting Hillary elected. Ask yourself how many billions of pay-for-play dollars went into coffers at the Clinton Foundation, she was basically selling US Foreign policy to the highest bidder. Maddow has no words on that topic, and there’s one we have evidence for. Now THAT is a scandal! The head of the US State Department arming terrorists at the behest of foreign governments in exchange for cash donations? Nary a mention from Maddow.

Alrighty, then back to the whole ‘Russia hacked our election’ – another baseless narrative exposed as a psyop. She doesn’t mention Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was shot dead in the wee hours of July 10th, 2016. Many folks believe him to be the source of the Clinton-Podesta email leaks, heck there’s even an email in which Podesta promises to ‘make an example’ of the leaker. Interpret that how you will in the wake of his unsolved murder.

She doesn’t mention the Vault 7 release in which it’s shown that CIA uses Russian hacking software in order to create a false-flag cyber attack leaving Russian fingerprints. She completely neglects the fact that several election authorities reported hacking being traced back to the DHS, not Russia (which was never explained btw). One of those authorities did disclaim the allegations saying that the invasion of their system was routine however.

Are we seeing a pattern here? Maddow is brilliant at lying by omission, she crafts the same narrative that her pals at the CIA pushed via the Washington Post and the New York Times… that Russia tampered with our elections. Again, no mention of that fact that the US regularly (and with impunity) interferes in the elections of sovereign nations or outright destroys their government (Iraq, Libya, Ukraine all cases in point). It’s all about EEEEEEVIL RUSSIA! You can even hear the delight in her voice when she calls Kalugin “too big a breadcrumb.” The smile she wears as she says it at the 7 minute mark reeks of duping delight.

Then she references an ‘angry short email interview’ where Kalugin denies everything, she makes sure to weigh her voice down with skepticism so that you get the impression that his denials are false, and then references more anonymous insiders who claim he was ‘under scrutiny when he departed.’

How many times do I have to say it: anonymous insiders cannot be trusted. Let’s repeat that, anonymous insiders cannot be trusted. Once more: ANONYMOUS INSIDERS CANNOT BE TRUSTED. 

But why Brently? Why can’t we trust anonymous insiders? Well, Dear Reader, the reason is quite simple. Anyone in an intelligence or counterintelligence position, like at the CIA for example, can leak partial details which give an inaccurate impression for the purpose of swaying public opinion. Those details may be true, they may be entirely made up, in either case they are still designed to have a very specific impact and if you start looking for it you can see the intent behind these propaganda pieces.

There’s also the fact that without the gravitas of whistleblower status, you cannot verify anything. Thus anything leaked in this manner is hearsay, it’s rumor, it’s propaganda. If you accept it uncritically (the way Maddow encourages) you get a picture in your head, or a narrative which is based on incomplete information at best or outright lies at worst and in both cases it’s designed to MANIPULATE you. 

Back to Maddow, she rants for another two minutes about how Kalugin being out of investigator’s grasp is big deal, and reminds her viewers of the ‘huge national security scandal looming over this presidency.’

Puh-lease. You want to talk about national security? Let’s talk about our crumbling infrastructure, police violence, lack of adequate jobs, healthcare, education for millions of Americans. Nah, Maddow is just another talking head in the chorus of CIA-sponsored media hacks scapegoating Russia or Russian actors while ignoring any culpability or criminality by democratic and republican big wigs. That’s completely ignoring #Pedogate/#Pizzagate and the arrest of 1,500 pedophiles since Trump took office. NBD. 

That’s the name of the game folks, divide and conquer. Distract. Create so much noise that it drowns out everything else you don’t want attention focused on. It’s pretty clear that major media wants us to focus on the Russian Dossier – which should behoove anyone with a critical thinking capacity to look carefully at everything else that is happening concurrently that is NOT being discussed.

She continues to beat this dead horse with more leaked quotes from anonymous insiders who claim that ‘the information is bearing out.’ Now we have rumor verifying rumor, it’s like Rumor-ception. Classically, this stuff is what we would call propaganda.

Imagine for a second that our media is like a fun house. We walk inside and there are funny mirrors everywhere and we have no idea what’s real and what’s not. The only chance we have, the only way we can get any factual certainty is by 1.) only accepting information which we can verify into our cognitive schema, 2.) comparing everything else that comes out and 3.) reading between the lines.

You have to ask yourself what is the point of this story, why is it being pushed so hard, what are the purveyors of this information looking to achieve by promulgating it. Maddow reveals this precisely when she states, “the bottom line of this dossier, the point of it, is that the Trump campaign didn’t just benefit from Russia interfering in our presidential campaign, the point of this is that they colluded, they helped, they were in on it. The money quote of this dossier is ‘the operation had been conducted with the full knowledge and support of TRUMP and senior members of his campaign team.'”

That’s the lie they want installed in the hearts and minds of Americans. Keep in mind, these same people were 100% behind Clinton during the election. Virtually all major media establishments were in bed with the Clinton campaign. If you want proof of that, just remember Donna Brazile. How about Stephen Colbert, tips of the proverbial iceberg. This shows us where the money was, especially that of the war hawks and CIA puppet masters.

Vault7/Year Zero was a huge release and we still don’t know everything that was contained within it. What’s clear is that the CIA can listen to any cell or internet device with a microphone, hack into encrypted messages and emails, even hijack cars with automated systems… wait a minute – that sounds eerily familiar... oh nevermind, probably just another one of Brently’s wild conspiracy theories.

If you don’t know who Michael Hastings was you may want to read this article and check out the links. It’s entirely possible, again we have means and motive, that the CIA assassinated an American journalist on American soil using advanced technology to hijack his car and crash it. Huge story, once the realm of internet forums and alternative news, having a factual basis revealed with the latest bout from Wikileaks.

Maddow can’t spare a moment to stop spouting anti-Russian propaganda and discuss these incredibly relevant issues. Her lies are lies of omission – and make no mistake – they are lies. When you are in a position of authority, when you have a voice like a TV show, what you don’t say is just as important as what you do, especially concerning major news of the day. In the first 15 minutes of her show, nada, zip, zilch.

That was all of it I watched admittedly. Eventually one tires of watching a dead horse repeatedly pummeled and make no mistake, any scapegoating of our problems on Russia is just that: propagandistic beating of a very dead horse.


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